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    • 2-1-1 Orange County has received many testimonials for our work.

      In April 2014, 2-1-1 Orange County conducted a survey of Orange County health and human services providers to which we refer our callers. Here are some things that they said:

      "We refer clients to 2-1-1 for extra help in referrals for services"
      "Our clients are most commonly referred to us by 2-1-1. Our screening process would be much more difficult wihtout your 'pre-screening' to direct clients that qualify to us."
      "There has been consistent outreach by 2-1-1 staff over the last year. It has been very helpful to speak to someone, I feel this has led to better referrals. Keep up the good work."
    • “I don’t want to live a meaningless life anymore” whispered Linh, a single 68-year old Vietnamese woman. 

      About a year ago, Linh was introduced to the Council on Aging's ReConnect Technology class. The ReConnect Early Intervention Services for Older Adults (EISOA) Program provides support groups, educational trainings, skill development workshops, home visitations and physical activities to improve the mental health and enhance the quality of life of older adults. When Linh arrived to ReConnect, she was like many other Vietnamese women that...

      To continue reading, visit the Southern California Council on Aging HERE.

    • She is 18. A superstar voted Girl of the Year in her 2010 Bolsa Grande High graduating class for stellar academics and ceaseless community service.

      She wants to become a pediatrician. Only, Jessica Dinh gets pregnant before she finishes that first year. She finds out a month before finals.

      To continue reading this story, click HERE.


      Radio Programs

      January 23, 2017How the homeless count is going high-tech - 89.3 KPCC

      Friendship Show
      Friendship shelter, a 25 year-old community organization has launched a new radio program in Orange County. Friendship Show, an hour-long round-table discussion that engages leaders in the social issues that impact our communities, airs every Saturday at 9:00 am on KX93.5 FM and streams online at KX935.comFollow Friendship Show on Facebook and listen to podcasts. If you have a social issue you would like to hear discussed on Friendship Show or if you would like to be a guest please contact Mark Miller at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    • From the outside, an embrace is always seen, but the true emotion can be difficult to feel. Inside the American Red Cross shelter at the First Christian Church in Clark County, Indiana, one could not only see the embrace, they could see an authentic sense of overwhelming gratitude.

      Mio and Aeris came to the Red Cross shelter while hope was running on empty. They were unable to stay in their home. Aeris was pregnant. The floodwaters quickly overwhelmed their hope and their sense of security. They were able to make it to the Red Cross shelter where they were able to have some of that hope and security restored...

      To continue reading this story, please visit the American Red Cross website HERE.  

    • Saturday, January 19, 2019, Downtown Santa Ana • 9 AM

      Over the past two years, diverse groups from Orange County marched together to support the fact that women’s rights are human rights and to make Orange County more safe, fair, healthy, supportive and accepting of all women. This year, again thousands of people will take to the streets to demonstrate unity and solidarity. Click here to join the march and for FAQs.

      The OC Women's March issued a statement in direct response to the issues and hateful speech coming from the leadership of the national Women's March., Inc. Below is Orange County's statement:

      OC Women’s March is Independent from Women’s March, Inc.
      The Orange County Women’s March is a local, volunteer-driven, grassroots coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting inclusivity and equity in our collective efforts to advance the status of women and women’s issues. Our coalition is distinctly independent of Women’s March, Inc., a national organization. The Orange County Women’s March does not share any leadership, decision-making input, or financial connection to Women’s March, Inc., and we independently raise our own funds to present our local Orange County Women’s March.

      The Orange County Women’s March stands against hate in all forms. We denounce any statements against the Jewish and LGBTQIA+ communities and will continue to take action to promote intersectionality and equity as we work toward our vision of restoring dignity, sharing humanity, and promoting inclusivity and justice for all.

      We firmly believe that women must stand in solidarity with all marginalized communities and ask those communities to stand together with us against hate and oppression in all forms and at all levels. We look forward to marching with you in downtown Santa Ana on Saturday January 19, 2019.

    • Reentry into society after a traumatic experience, rehab, or prison can be a challenging time for the individual and for their families. Usually, there a number of obstacles that can get in the way of these individuals remaining mentally healthy, clean, and lawful citizens.

      As a result, many social workers are qualified to help those struggling to reenter society, as well as their family and friends. Continue reading to learn about the different struggles of reentering society and how social workers can help.

      To continue reading this article and delve deeper into the different types of traumatic experiences that a social worker can help with, as well as download the infographic, please click HERE!

    • Every day we are surrounded by stories of personal transformation and triumph.  Most times we don’t even know it is taking place. It could be a person sitting or standing right next to us, or a neighbor on the street who we overlook.  Powerful transformations start with the overwhelming process of looking at your life, taking a systematic approach to meeting your needs, healing your emotional wounds, and bringing balance back into your life.

      Our ReConnect Program does just that. It offers a systematic approach to providing vital resources to older and disabled adults who want to take control of their life and reconnect with the community – helping treat depression, isolation, and anxiety. One story of personal triumph and transformation is about Monica, a 69-year old Hispanic woman who needed our help.  At the time of enrollment, she was struggling with severe depression, mainly due to on-going health issues. Yet, Monica* wanted to participate in activities to increase her physical activity, become more occupied, and improve her health management skills.  Continue reading here...

      Click HERE to learn more about the Council on Aging Southern California.


      We appreciate our partnership with 2-1-1 and the good work you do for our community!

      With the economy like it is, some of our constituents have fallen on hard times and need help. 2-1-1 is one of the best and most comprehensive resources we’ve found.



      Since 2-1-1 launched in 2005 it has been a valuable asset to all of Orange County including being an important resource during my time in the state legislature. The quality of services 2-1-1 provides is a testament to the great people working tirelessly for the organization.



      2-1-1 is a great resource. I have referred many families to it and it has been very helpful.

      It is truly a blessing, to have such an efficient partner working with us!
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