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    Service Providers

    This page contains information to assist you in having conversations with your clients about domestic violence.


    Domestic Violence and Health Training – CME Accreditation


    Training Module1IPV

    Intimate Partner Violence Training for Substance Abuse Treatment Providers – CEUs Available


     Cross-Disciplinary Training (CDT)

    To request a Cross-Disciplinary Training (CDT), please complete and submit this form.thmbDVform 

    Why request a CDT training? What is a CDT training? This one-page flyer will tell you more about the trainings. thmbDVCDT


    RADAR Healthcare IPV Screening

    Healthcare professionals should routinely ask patients direct, specific questions about abuse. "RADAR" is a tool that summarizes action steps healthcare professionals should take in recognizing and treating victims of inimate partner violence. Download RADAR posters below.

    RADAR: Healthcare IPV Screening FrontthmbRADARfront
    RADAR: Healthcare IPV Screening Back  

    (high resolution) 

    (low resolution )



    Health Effects of Domestic Violence

    Here are some articles about how domestic violence affects a victim's health.

    Health Effects:


    The Outcome:

    Long Term Impact:

    Marketing Materials


    All Forms

    Posters and Pamphlets

    Feel free to print and post these great marketing posters and educational pamphlets in your office, patient waiting rooms and other areas.

    We Can Overcome Posters - English & Spanish - English & Spanish (PDF 2.4Mb, allow time to load)


    Fact Sheets – Vietnamese
    thmbWeCanOvercome03 Vietnamese

    We Can Overcome - Educational Materials in PDF format (865kb)



    Public Media Campaign Toolkit

    We Can Overcome

      Toolkit v26 - Email in PDF format (628kb)

    HDV Toolkit


    We Can Overcome Appendices

    About Domestic Violence Health Collective Orange County (DVHC-OC)

     DVHC One Pager FINAL

    DVHC OC 1pager 150px



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