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    • "People living in Orange County’s largest homeless encampment soon will get access to basic sanitation – such as toilets and showers – as part of the first step in a long-term plan to dismantle the entrenched riverbed community and find its inhabitants housing..." by Jordan Graham

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    • Read the Press Release for the Kraemer Community Forums.

      Coordinated Entry Systems Update

      The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness relases a biweekly newsletter with agency news, funding updates, and stories of successful programs around the country. The latest newsletter released on December 18, 2014 titled Across the Country, Communities are Developing Coordinated Entry Systems to End Homelessness, includes the following article:

      Developing Local Coordinated Entry Systems is Hard Work but Necessary Work

      One of the most important recent developments from our work to end homelessness is the recognition that the impact of evidence-informed models like permanent supportive housing and rapid re-housing are only fully realized when they work together as part of a coordinated system. Coordinated entry systems are a key part of an overall homelessness crisis response system that communities need to improve access to available housing and services and ensure the type and level of assistance provided to households is tailored to meet their specific needs. Too often, people experiencing homelessness have to navigate a complicated maze of uncoordinated programs in order to receive assistance. There is a better, more effective way to respond to the crisis of homelessness.

      To end homelessness in every community, and across the nation, we must build local systems that streamline and facilitate access to appropriate housing and services for families and individuals. Coordinated entry systems do just that. Using a consistent and well-coordinated approach, coordinated entry systems screen applicants for eligibility for services; such as homelessness prevention, rapid re-housing, emergency shelter, affordable housing, permanent supportive housing, and other interventions. The needs and strengths of each household are assessed to determine which interventions will be effective and are most appropriate, while also prioritizing people for assistance based on the severity of their needs.

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    • Read about homeless issues in Southern California including Orange County!

       These are archived articles from Dec. 2015 through May 31, 2017


      MAY 31, 2017

      Homelessness in LA County Jumps 23% as Need Far Outpaces Available Housing, New Count Shows

      LATimes Logo1

      "The sharp rise, to nearly 58,000, suggested that the pathway into homelessness continues to outpace intensifying efforts that — through rent subsidies, new construction, outreach, and support services — got more than 14,000 people permanently off the streets last year..." by Gale Holland and Doug Smith

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      MAY 16, 2017

      Everyone Agrees: The Santa Ana River Trail is no Place to Raise Homeless Children


      "Discarded syringes are only one of the potential hazards found along the riverbed. While there is uncertainty over how many, if any, children are among the homeless at the river, everyone agrees: It’s no place to raise a child...

      Parents experiencing homelessness are encouraged to seek services by either calling 2-1-1 or interacting with outreach workers..." by Theresa Walker

      Click here to read the entire story on the OC Register website.


      MAY 12, 2017

      Homeless Census Shows Numbers Rising in Orange County


      "Homelessness in Orange County rose at a faster pace since 2015, ticking up nearly 8 percent since the last one-night census,  according to the first figures released Friday, May 12, from the Point in Time Count & Survey conducted in January..." by Theresa Walker

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      MAY 9, 2017

      Orange County Supervisor Proposes Temporary Homeless Shelters in Irvine, Huntington Beach, and Santa Ana


      "Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson has proposed putting temporary homeless shelters on county-owned land in Irvine, Huntington Beach and Santa Ana – and he wants the first one to open within 30 days..." by Jordan Graham

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      MAY 3, 2017

      L.A. County Considers Another Path on Homelessness: Prevention

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      "A new and largely unproven approach is emerging as a major element of Los Angeles County’s homeless initiative. Those drafting plans for the Measure H sales tax funds approved by voters in March have proposed spending more than $40 million over the next three years to prevent people from becoming homeless in the first place..." by Doug Smith

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      MAY 1, 2017

      "Housing Crisis" Tops State's Legislative Agenda This Year


      "Rents are too high. Home prices are out of reach. Decent listings and rentals are hard to find. Homeless encampments are growing. And many residents are cutting back on food, clothing and medical care to keep a roof over their heads..." by Jeff Collins

      Click here to read the entire story on the OC Register website.


      APRIL 25, 2017

      Scarce Affordable Housing in Orange County Contributes to Homelessness


      "Most units available are for seniors and families, leaving many single people out of luck—and there are a lot of them in Orange County..." by Ashlyn Ramirez & Bryant Freese

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      APRIL 14, 2017

      Nearly 1,500 Affordable Housing Units on the Horizon in Santa Ana


      "Nearly 1,500 affordable housing units are in development in Orange County’s second-largest city and one of its densest – a number equivalent to a half-century’s worth of production at its normal rate, according to a Santa Ana City Council member..." by Jessica Kwang

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      APRIL 5, 2017

      Homelessness in the OC


      "Orange County, wrestling with a homeless population of thousands of men, women and children, is moving toward increased cooperation among leaders in government and other organizations as well as new approaches to deal with those who live on the streets..." by Nick Gerda

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      MARCH 29, 2017

      Shawn Nelson Issues Call-to-Action to Find Beds for Homeless


      "Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson said Tuesday the homeless situation should be treated as an emergency and issued a call to action to find sites to house all of the county’s thousands of homeless people..." by Nick Gerda

      Click here to read the entire story on the Voice of OC website


      MARCH 29, 2017

      Prop. 47 got thousands out of prison. Now, $103 million in savings will go towards keeping them out

      LATimes Logo1

      "This spring, the state will begin the process of awarding $103 million in grants, all funded by the ballot initiative’s cost savings from keeping fewer nonviolent offenders in prison..." by Jasmine Ulloa

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      MARCH 20, 2017

      Measure H, Quarter-Cent Sales Tax to Fight LA County Homelessness, Passes

      LA Daily News

      "Measure H, a quarter-cent Los Angeles County sales tax to fund anti-homelessness programs, maintained the two-thirds majority needed for approval in a final ballot tally released Monday..." by City News Service

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      MARCH 16, 2017

      Anahiem Year-Round Homeless Shelter on Target to Open in April


      "County officials promise, part of the Kraemer Place site will be outfitted with dormitory-style beds, dining tables, and portable restrooms to serve 100 homeless people who will sleep, eat, and shower there as they transition to life off the streets..." by Theresa Walker

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      FEBRUARY 2, 2017

      OC Public Works Dumps Boulders Along Santa Ana Riverbed to Disperse Homeless [VIDEO]

      OC Weekly News, Inc.

      "The Santa Ana Riverbed, a known refuge for many homeless, is being covered by giant boulders in an effort to have transients leave the area. OC Public Works put notices..." by Jeanette Duran

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      For more information on the flood control project, visit OCWorks on Facebook or visit their webpage that has the latest news about the project.
      The project affecting the County's maintenance road / stockpile area along the east side of the Santa Ana River, between Orangewoood Ave. and the Santa Ana Freeway (I-5) is scheduled to begin early Februay 2017 and continuing through June 2017. 

      View the Public Notification here (PDF)

      Full story in the OC Register Feb. 5th, 2017: Hundreds of homeless living along Santa Ana River are warned to relocate

      [Opinion] via the OC Voice Feb. 13th, 2017: Aly: Arrested for #RiverbedRescue

      [Opinion] via the OC Voice Feb. 13th, 2017: Santana: Is Throwing Rocks the New Homeless Response in OC?

      Related story in the LA Times about the Santa Ana Riverbed Jan. 25, 2017Dredging will close unofficial dog beach for months, starting Monday


      JANUARY 29, 2017

      New Use for Old Shipping Containers: Housing for Homeless Veterans


      "Builders in Orange County are using an innovative approach to solve the long-running problem of homelessness among veterans. They’re transforming old shipping containers into new permanent homes.The 16-unit apartment complex uses..." by Dorian Merina

      Click here to read the entire story on the KQED website.

      [Update] via the OC Register Feb. 8, 2017: Homeless veterans ready to move into new homes made from shipping containers  


      JANUARY 28, 2017

      Orange County homeless survey: The small degree of separation between the counters and the counted


      "As Saturday’s cold and windy dawn breaks, an army of volunteers sweeps through Orange County’s invisible places -- the shadows where thousands of homeless people endure cold, rain, wind and hail without..." by David Whiting

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      JANUARY 28, 2017

      Why 1,000 volunteers spent their Saturday counting Orange County's homeless


      "Michele Townsend sensed the presence of people sleeping in vans and motor homes parked near a Starbucks where she gets her morning coffee. She wondered about their lives...." by Theresa Walker

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      JANUARY 27, 2017

      Volunteers to  survey O.C. in Point-in-Time homeless count

      LATimes Logo1

      "Before dawn breaks on Saturday, hundreds of volunteers will fan out across Orange County to document and survey the county's homeless. In doing so, organizers hope to...." by Luke Money

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      JANUARY 20, 2017

      Armories Open All Weekend During Storm

      "Santa Ana, CA. (Jan. 20, 2017) – With coordination and support from the California Military Department and in conjunction with the County Office of Emergency Services and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, the Orange County Cold Weather Armory Emergency Shelters (armories) located at both Santa Ana and Fullerton will operate with extended hours to provide shelter and protection to the homeless community during the upcoming storm...." contact: Carrie Braun, Public Information Manager

      Click here to read the entire story on the CMS.OCGov.com website.


      JANUARY 6, 2017



      "With tens of millions of dollars on the line, Orange County has begun gearing up for a federally mandated point-in-time count and survey of its homeless population this month.  The snapshot is crucial because..." click here to read the whole story. by Theresa Walker

      Visit the PointInTimeOC.org website to register to volunteer.

      PointInTimeOC home1


      NOVEMBER 21, 2016

      NEWS PODCAST: OC opens first year-round homeless shelter

      "The Courtyard is already housing 300 homeless a night." Producers: Benjamin Gottlieb

       To listen to the podcast, visit kcrw.com.


      NOVEMBER 21, 2016

      From Joy to Disappointment at Santa Ana Homeless Shelter

      Voice of OC News

      "The good feelings I had for the Courtyard Transitional Center when it opened in early October have faded, and now I’m increasingly disturbed with what is going on. When the center opened, it was a joy to see consistent food service as well as...." by Igmar Rodas

       To read the whole story, visit VoiceofOC.org.


      NOVEMBER 21, 2016

      Salvation Army homeless shelter unveils $6.5 million expansion


      "SANTA ANA – Allan Quinquileria beamed with happiness Monday as he led tours for guests at a dedication ceremony marking completion of the Salvation Army’s newly rebuilt Hospitality House shelter for homeless men. His enthusiasm had double meaning...." by Theresa Walker

      Click here to read the entire story on the OCRegister website.


      OCTOBER 11, 2016

      Supervisor Spends a Night at Bus Terminal Homeless Shelter

      Voice of OC News

      "Supervisor Andrew Do spent the night last Thursday at the abandoned bus terminal in downtown Santa Ana that the county has converted into a homeless shelter and service center.....He arrived around 9:50, ten minutes before the shelter closes its gates for the evening. Do said the process was..." by Thy Vo

       To read the whole story, visit VoiceofOC.org.


      OCTOBER 4, 2016

      What Will it Take for Orange County to End Homelessness?

      Voice of OC News

      "Orange County has long been a national symbol of affluence. Its median income ranks among the top 3 percent of all counties nationwide. It boasts a county budget topping $3 billion. Its economy is larger than more than half of all U.S. states. It is also plagued by a grinding and deadly homelessness crisis that gets worse by the day...." by Eve Garros

       To read the whole story, visit VoiceofOC.org.


      OCTOBER 3, 2016

      New Homeless Service Center Draws Both Kudos and Concerns From Advocates

      Voice of OC News

      "The abandoned bus terminal in Santa Ana that is now slated to be used for a homeless services center...." by Nick Gerda

      Courtyard Entrance 600pxCourtyard Offices and Restroom area 600px

      To read the whole story, visit VoiceofOC.org.


      September 26, 2016

      Welcome to Orange County’s ‘Courtyard Transitional Center’

      Voice of OC News

      "After nearly two years of public prodding, and most probably because of all the wrong reasons, Orange County supervisors this week may actually start doing the right thing on homelessness.This Tuesday, supervisors are scheduled...." by Norberto Santano Jr

      To read the whole story, visit VoiceofOC.org.


      SEPTEMBER 20, 2016

      Santa Ana OKs plan to address Civic Center 'homeless crisis'


      "SANTA ANA – Two weeks after City Council members declared a “public health and safety homeless crisis” at the Civic Center, they’ve approved a program with the county to enhance safety and security in the area.

      The Civic Center Safety and Security Program – approved unanimously by the council Tuesday without discussion – includes nine initiatives around the homeless population affecting...." by Jessica Kwong

      Click here to read the entire story on the OCRegister website.


      SEPTEMBER 17, 2016

      Homeless join effort to clean up Santa Ana Civic Center plaza


      "The trash and human waste that led to a public health crisis being declared at the Santa Ana Civic Center plaza vanished on Saturday when a team of homeless people and neighbors joined forces to clean up the area.

      Hosted by Operation Warm Wishes, a Tustin nonprofit, the clean-up ...." by Jonathan Winslow

      Click here to read the entire story on the OCRegister website.


      SEPTEMBER 11, 2016

      Biking While Homeless Ends in Fatal Police Shooting

      Voice of OC News

      "On the morning of Aug. 1, two Santa Ana police officers stopped a homeless man named Richard Gene Swihart for riding his bicycle in the Civic Center plaza. A few minutes later, Mr. Swihart was being rushed to a hospital — the officers had shot him multiple times.

      On Aug. 14, Mr. Swihart died of his wounds..." by Eve Garrow and Jennifer Rojas

      To read the whole story, visit VoiceofOC.org.


      September 7, 2016

      Santa Ana declares homeless camp at Civic Center a public health crisis, wants more security


      "SANTA ANA – Hours after the County of Orange approved turning a former Santa Ana bus terminal into a temporary homeless shelter, the Santa Ana City Council on Tuesday declared a “public health and safety homeless crisis” and called for several measures to boost security around the Civic Center...." by Jessica Kwong

      Click here to read the entire story on the OCRegister website.


      SEPTEMBER 6, 2016

      Santa Ana city council declares 'crisis' over homeless encampments in civic center

      LATimes Logo1

      "Santa Ana’s City Council voted late Tuesday to declare a “public health and safety crisis” over a mushrooming homeless encampment in the Civic Center that has attracted more than 450 homeless people in recent months...."...by Anh Do

      To read the whole story, visit LATimes.com.


      SEPTEMBER 6, 2016

      Supervisors to Santa Ana: ‘Put Up or Shut Up’ on Civic Center Homeless Crisis

      Voice of OC News

      "The Orange County Board of Supervisors during a special meeting Tuesday challenged Santa Ana city leaders to decide before Election Day whether they will join with the county in an effort to address the homelessness crisis at the downtown Civic Center.

      Supervisors also directed county staff to..." by Tracy Wood

      To read the whole story, visit VoiceofOC.org.


      SEPTEMBER 6, 2016

      Richard Gene Swihart, Homeless Man Shot by Santa Ana Police, is Dead


      "Here's one that almost slipped through the cracks: Remember Richard Gene Swihart, the 32-year-old homeless man who was shot during a struggle with two Santa Ana police officers outside the Orange County Superior Court building on Aug. 1?

      The struggle about 9:30 a.m. near the Plaza of the Flags that was videotaped by a passerby who later told the Weekly it did not appear Swihart was armed?

      Swihart has since passed away, the Santa Ana Police Department disclosed last week...."  by Matt Coker

      Click here to read the entire story on the OCWeekly website.


      SEPTEMBER 3, 2016

      As Santa Ana Civic Center homeless population grows, so do crime, fear, and disease


      "A typical day in the Santa Ana Civic Center is filled with hazard. Open drug use. Assaults and rape. Urine and feces on public walkways. Untreated illnesses. Sex acts in public.

      The exploding transient population..." by Jordan Graham

      Click here to read the entire story on the OCRegister website.


      SEPTEMBER 2, 2016

      County's first year-round homeless shelter to open late 2017 in Anaheim


      "Orange County's first countywide, year-round homeless shelter is expected to open in Anaheim in late 2017, a year later than originally projected, the Register has learned...." by Jordan Graham

      Click here to read the entire story on the OCRegister website.


      SEPTEMBER 1, 2016

      Orange County to Turn Former Bus Depot into Homeless Shelter


      "Orange County supervisors approved turning a former Santa Ana bus terminal into a temporary homeless center, and just hours later the Santa Ana City Council declared homelessness a public health and safety crisis...." by Associated Press

       NBC News01

      Click here to read the entire story on the NBC website.


      SEPTEMBER 1, 2016

      Santa Ana may declare public health crisis over Civic Center homeless encampment


      "The Santa Ana City Council on Tuesday will consider declaring “a public health and safety crisis” over concerns that hundreds of homeless people living in the Civic Center have created an unsafe environment for the public and government workers.

      In a draft resolution released Thursday..." by Jordan Graham

      Click here to read the entire story on the OCRegister website.


      AUGUST 31, 2016

      Colleges can help homeless without a new law


      "Teachers and administrators from our area’s community colleges and even California State University campuses have been telling the story for several years: For the first time in their experience, some of their students are homeless, and need to use school facilities to shower and change for class.

      Students they know and counsel sleep through the night on public buses or elsewhere..." by OC Register Editorial

      Click here to read the entire story on the OCRegister website.


      AUGUST 26, 2016

      As homeless encampments swell, Orange County to close Two miles of road along Santa Ana River


      "The county is padlocking access to roughly two miles of paved road along the east side of the Santa Ana River from Anaheim to Santa Ana, closing entrances to bicyclists, pedestrians and homeless people living in tent encampments.

      The reason: An uptick in complaints and safety concerns..." by Theresa Walker

      Click here to read the entire story on the OCRegister website.


      AUGUST 25, 2016

      The homeless move aside as Santa Ana Civic Center gets a power wash


      "SANTA ANA – Increasing complaints about fetid smells and unsanitary conditions at the Civic Center led the city to authorize a special daytime scouring of the mall and plaza areas that began Wednesday and will conclude Thursday.

      Feces, urine, rotting food, used hypodermic needles and other detritus along the walkways are the source of numerous requests..." by Theresa Walker

      Click here to read the entire story on the OCRegister website.


      AUGUST 20, 2016

      Four who played in NBA and a barber feed homeless, provide haircuts


      "SANTA ANA – Bellies were filled and faces transformed at the Southwest Community Center on Saturday as hundreds of the homeless enjoyed free barbecue and haircuts, courtesy of a local barber and four men who have played in the NBA...." by Jonathan Winslow

      Click here to read the entire story on the OCRegister website.


      AUGUST 11, 2016

      Bathrooms for homeless to be installed at Santa Ana Civic Center


      "The hundreds of homless people living at the Santa Ana Civic Center finally will have a proper bathroom to use at night after officials announced Thursday that new portable toilets will be installed next week in the heart of the seat of county government.

      The three bathrooms will be installed Monday..." by Jordan Graham

      Click here to read the entire story on the OCRegister website.


      JUNE 24, 2016

      Santa Ana Funds Permanent Homeless Housing in Hotel


      "The Santa Ana City Council voted unanimously Wednesday night to direct about $1.2 million to the city's "first permanent supportive housing project for chronically homeless individuals."..."  by Matt Coker

      Click here to read the entire story on the OCWeekly website.


      MAY 16, 2016

      Orange County hires Long Beach's homeless services coordinator as 'homeless czar'


      "Orange County officials hope their latest hire for the so-called “homeless czar” position can do for Orange County what she has done for Long Beach and its homeless population.

      Susan Price will become..."  by Erika Aguilar

      Click here to read the entire story on the OCRegister website.


      MAY 11, 2016

      Supervisors Inch Closer to Making Year-Round Homeless Shelter a Reality

      Voice of OC News

      "Orange County supervisors took another step Tuesday towards establishing the county’s first year-round homeless shelter, but not before a tense exchange between two supervisors over whether a permanent shelter would mean the end of emergency shelters in two armories.

      Supervisors voted unanimously to issue a request for proposals to operate the future shelter in an industrial area of Anaheim, just north of the 91 Freeway on N. Kraemer Place. The county bought the property in November to use as a homeless shelter.  The winning bidder will..." by Nick Gerda

      To read the whole story, visit VoiceofOC.org.


      APRIL 19, 2016


      abc7 news

      "ORANGE, Calif. (KABC) -- Within sight of Angel Stadium's "Big A" dozens of tents are popping up along the Santa Ana River trail.

      Michelle Melgar lived in the actual dry riverbed for two years - mostly hidden..."  By Eileen Frere

      To read the whole story, visit abc7 news.


      MARCH 30, 2016

      Helping the homeless, one person at a time

      LATimes Logo1

      "The hum of traffic and the noises of her neighbors getting high on the darkened streets of Newport Beach formed the soundtrack that for years kept Toni Horn from a good night's sleep.

      Now, when darkness falls on the 61-year-old's Lake Forest apartment..."...by Hannah Fry - Contact Reporter

      To read the whole story, visit LATimes.com.

      Please note the following error: 
      "With help from a Newport Beach police officer and the nonprofit Orange County Continuum of Care"   
      should read,  
      "With help from a Newport Beach police officer and the nonprofit 2-1-1 Orange County."


      MARCH 28, 2016

      Supervisors Making Progress on Homelessness

      Voice of OC News

      "For the first time in a long while, the public dialogue with Orange County Supervisors on homelessness has a different tone.  Progress.  Whenever it rains now, any one of the 500 homeless people living at the county Civic Center can"...by Nick Gerda

       To read the whole story, visit VoiceofOC.org.


      MARCH 9, 2016

      Amid Drastic Moves Elsewhere, Homeless Advocates See Hope in OC

      Voice of OC News

      "As Orange County officials continue to grapple with the ever-growing homeless population at the downtown Santa Ana Civic Center, they can at least take solace in the fact that they are not alone in dealing with such a seemingly intractable problem – far from it."...by Nick Gerda

       To read the whole story, visit VoiceofOC.org.


      MARCH 7, 2016

      Homeless population skyrockets at Civic Center in Santa Ana


      "Anna Gonzalez scans the crowd at what has become a tent city of homeless at the county’s Civic Center and says, “These are all my children.”"...by David Whiting

      To read the whole story, visit OCRegister.com


      DECEMBER 31, 2015

      Four myths that make L.A. County's homeless problem worse

      LATimes Logo1

      "Some myths about homelessness get repeated so often that they become accepted as true.  But with more then 31,000 people sleeping in our parks and on our sidewalks every night here in Los Angeles County, we cannot allow fallacies to drive our homeless policies."...by Adam Murray

      Click here to read the entire story on the LA Times website.


      APRIL 12, 2015



      "Orange County is an amazing place to live and work. It’s a place filled with opportunities and offers an abundance of resources – but not for everyone. There is a segment of our population that is struggling with basic life needs, like food and shelter, and..." by Karen Roeper and Todd Spitzer

      Click here to read the entire story on the OC Register website.



    • "In April 2017, federal Judge David O. Carter marched through the 2-mile-long homeless encampment stretched out along the Santa Ana River..." by Jill Replogle

      Click here to read the article on the 89.3 KPCC website.9.3 KPCC website.

      89.3 KPCC logo

    • "In addressing a roomful of business and civic leaders gathered Wednesday, Nov. 15, for an OC Forum talk on one of society’s thorniest issues, Bailey drove home the one approach that he said is the key to helping the most vulnerable people on the street: housing..." by Theresa Walker

       Click here to read the article by the OC Register.


    • "A Los Angeles City Council committee Wednesday approved a plan to employ homeless people to clean litter and trash from streets, sidewalks and alleys..." by CBSLA

      Click here to read the entire story on the CBSLA website

      CBS Los Angeles

      Click here to read the Motion (PDF)

    • "By providing a small percentage of homeless being released from jail a path other than back on the streets, officials hope to reduce the chronic recidivism that has long plagued this portion of the homeless population..." by Doug Smith

       Click here to read the article on the LA Times website.

      LATimes Logo1

    • "A homeless crisis of unprecedented proportions is rocking the West Coast, and its victims are being left behind by the very things that mark the region’s success: soaring housing costs, rock-bottom vacancy rates, and a roaring economy that waits for no one. All along the coast, elected officials are scrambling for solutions..." by AP News

      Click here to read the article by AP News


    • "Since 2014, the number of homeless children in California has jumped 20 percent. In the most recently released data, 202,329 young people are living in cars, motels, shelters, on the street or in crowded homes shared with other families..." by EDSOURCE

      Click here to read the entire story on the OC Register website.


    • One Step is looking to expand in North Orange County to have a stronger presence in South Orange County. To do that we are hosting an Open House Luau July 29th and inviting anyone interested in housing homeless.

      You can come any time on Sunday, July 29th, between 5:00 - 8:00 pm to tour the services and enjoy authentic Hula dancers, Luau food, and special guest Madison Scott. The tour takes about 30 minutes then you'll enjoy the festivities as long as you like. And feel free to invite ANYONE else you think might like to learn more about housing homeless in their community. 

      You can download the flyer HEREWe are asking for RSVP's by July 23rd (click HEREto RSVP).

    • The Orange County Armory Emergency Shelter in Fullerton will be closed: Friday, March 8th through Sunday, March 10th, 2019.

      The Armory will reopen Monday, March 11th, 2019.

      For more information, call 714-836-7188, ext. 170

      The Armory Emergency Shelter Program serves adult clients over the age of 18.

    • More than 60 of Orange County’s most seriously ill homeless people are on track to move into housing with services to help them address health issues, under a new county contract approved Tuesday.

      County health officials will choose the homeless people, based on assessments of their health vulnerabilities, and they will receive housing and services through a contract with The Illumination Foundation, a nonprofit that specializes in helping homeless people move from the streets into housing with on-site support services, and then into permanent housing.

      ... click HERE to continue reading this article.

    • The results of the biennial Orange County Point in Time Count are in. It was a groundbreaking effort by the County of Orange, CityNet, 211 OC, as well as service providers, law enforcement and more than 1,000 volunteers using an electronic mapping system. We now have a significantly better handle on how many of our neighbors are homeless and where they are.

      Bottom line? There are 6,860 people experiencing homelessness in Orange County. The count also shows that in the last two years that there has been an increase of 1,390 shelter beds into our system, and while this is good news we must remember that people need places to go after shelter so their homelessness can end.

      This is why we brought local leaders together last year to form United to End Homelessness so that we, as a community, can work together to enact long-term, proven solutions. The count data shows that 52% of the unsheltered population are chronically homeless which reinforces the urgency and need for more permanent supportive housing in our community.

      To conintue reading this article, please click HERE.

      ocregister logo

    • The Alliance is excited to announce the creation of a new, monthly newsletter focused exclusively on rapid re-housing. Starting in January, 2015, this newsletter will provide readers with the most up-to-date information on rapid re-housing, including interesting new reports, briefs, and studies as well as details on recent and upcoming webinars, and updates on Alliance events and activities.

      Rapid re-housing is an essential part of a community's overall strategy to end homelessness. This newsletter will make sure you have the most up-to-date and relevant information on rapid re-housing, including things like:

      Click here to subscribe!

    • The Orange County Armory Emergency Shelter is located at the Santa Ana Armory. Serving adult clients over the age of 18 ONLY.

      The Santa Ana Armory is located at 612 E Warner (Near Warner/Main). Doors open at this location at 7:00 PM*

      *Dates and locations of Operation are tentative and subject to change as necessary by the California National Guard


      Pick Up #1 Picking up at 6:00 PM, Flower & Civic Center - near 6th Street, Santa Ana.

      Pick Up #2 Picking up at 6:15PM, 1901 W Walnut, Santa Ana.

      Please note that no walk-ups are permitted.

      • No weapons, drugs or alcohol will be permitted in or around the shelter.
      • Clients are required to have their photos taken upon intake.
      • Services include a warm meal, a sleeping mat and blanket, and the opportunity to shower.
      • All clients must exit the shelter at 6:00 AM each morning.

      FOR MORE DETAILS, CONTACT: The ARMORY INFORMATION LINE ​at: 714-836-7188 ext 170

    • As a regional leader in Orange County, 211OC works with public and private partners to provide people with connections to the health and human service services and resources they need while driving systems change. 211OC hosted this event with the support of guest presenter, Lloyd Pendleton, one of the nation's leading authorities in ending homelessness in a proven, cost effective way.

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      Click below to view the 3 presentations:

      c2eh2-1-1 Orange County, Finding a Solution to End Homelessness in Orange County

      Jamboree, Engaging and Housing Chronically Homeless

      Lloyd Pendleton, Utah's Homeless Approach

    •  More than 12,700 homeless in OC., nonprofit's analysis says [OC Register]

      OC Register PIT

      Credit: David Montero, OC Register

    • The Alliance to End Homelessness is pleased to release the State of Homelessness 2019 Report. This web-based annual report uses data to chart the nation’s progress towards ending homelessness.

      What’s New This Year

      Some new features were added to the State of Homelessness 2019, including:

      • Available Beds. We analyze the capacity of shelters and other temporary housing providers. On a given night, what number and percentage of people experiencing homelessness have a bed available to them? We answer that question.
      • Racial and Ethnic Dynamics. Race and ethnicity figure significantly into the story of homelessness in America. African Americans, American Indians/Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, and Hispanics are over-represented in homeless counts. This year's report includes new information to address this.
      • Geography of Challenges. Many readers have wondered which areas have the biggest challenges. So, we identified states and CoCs with the greatest numbers and highest percentages of people experiencing homelessness.

      What’s Standard

      The report updates material that was available in previous years:

      • State and CoC Data. The State of Homelessness features maps with state and CoC-level data on homeless counts and rates of homelessness.
      • At-Risk Numbers. The Alliance analyzes raw Census data to count and chart the number of Americans living doubled up or experiencing severe housing cost burdens.
      • Visualizations. The report offers visual representations of counts, trends, subgroup status, and available housing assistance.

      Let Us Know What You Think 

      The Alliance is continuously working to improve the State of Homelessness. For this, we need your help. Does it inform your work? How can it better serve your needs? Please share your thoughts by filling out our online survey.

    • Quickly getting people into housing is one central function of a homelessness system. But when unsheltered homelessness starts to rise, communities sometimes shift their focus from housing to shelter.

      This is certainly understandable. Living on the street is brutally dangerous, and keeping people safe while getting them housed is important. However, these are not two separate functions. Without a focus on housing people quickly, a community with a large unsheltered homelessness problem will struggle to find a solution. A strong Housing First system, on the other hand, can have a big impact on unsheltered homelessness, perhaps bigger than the impact of opening more shelters. 

      Shelters need a back door. And that back door needs to exit people to housing.

      If the only response is more shelter, each new shelter will quickly fill up, and unsheltered homelessness will continue to grow. But each person who moves from shelter to housing creates another open bed for a person who is currently on the streets.

      The math is simple. If 100 people each month are becoming homeless in a community, then 100 people each month must exit into housing. Otherwise, shelters will fill up and stay full, and the number of unsheltered people will keep rising. While many communities have a need for more shelter, this is not the only answer...

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